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About Cody

Cody is an entrepreneur, researcher, and advocate in the Mental Health & Human Development space. He has companies in the areas of AI, Neurotech, Social Media, & Mental Health. Learn more below!

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Cody is a serial entrepreneur in the AI & Mental Health space. He has a degree in Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience and training in IFS Psychotherapy.


He is the Founder & CEO of Mind Brain Body Lab, a Mental Health AI company that focuses on bringing successful treatment outcomes to those healing from Complex PTSD after intimate partner violence,  domestic violence, and burnout.


He uses AI/ML algorithms to analyze the biometric & behavioral data he collects from his clients to aid in the treatments he provides them. 

This data also helps Mind, Brain, Body Lab research how trauma affects the mind, brain & body, and the best ways to heal the damage it does using technologies like AI, Machine Learning, and Biometrics Devices.


His mission is to provide better ways to objectively measure, diagnose, and treat individual mental health conditions.


Cody is also the Founder & CEO of MyCompanion, a Public Benefit Corporation, which is a conversational AI companion that’s tailor-made to help you heal Complex PTSD and is with you 24/7, 365, for free. 


Cody’s ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between AI, technology, and the human experience, creating a world where health, happiness, and purpose are accessible to everyone.


Finally, he is the creator behind the @mindbrainbodylab brand on social media where he has a community of 600k followers eager to learn and use the practical Neuroscience & Psychology tools he teaches in his content to improve their Mental & Emotional Health after experiencing trauma. He posts new content, blogs, tools & more daily!

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