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We help survivors of abusive relationships restore balance to their lives post-breakup without relying on therapy or medication.

As a result of our work, survivors:

  • Develop a clear post-breakup healing plan

  • Re-establish consistent mental and emotional well-being

  • Learn how to venture into new healthy relationships

We're looking for survivors who are ready to stop surviving, and start thriving after their abusive relationship.

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What's the problem?


  1. 50% of Americans experience abuse by an intimate partner in their lifetime. That's 160M people.

  2. 40% of these people meet the diagnostic criteria for Complex PTSD.

  3. 90% of people have no idea they have Complex PTSD,  then get misdiagnosed and mistreated.

Sadly, current treatments for Complex PTSD are abysmal and costly. 

Traditional talk therapy doesn’t work, because just talking about trauma can actually make it worse, and 57% of these people can’t find or afford a therapist.


On the other hand, pills have personality-altering side effects and only treat the symptom, not solve the actual problem.

Customer Photo

Alexa R.

"Just read about MyCompanion and I'm super excited! The idea of having a conversational AI to help with CPTSD is groundbreaking. Can't wait for the release!"

Young Woman with Smart Outfit

Jordan T.

"Been waiting for something like MyCompanion for so long. This could be a game-changer for many of us on our healing journey. The future is here and it's looking brighter!"

Customer Photo

Casey L.

"I've always felt that technology has the potential to play a pivotal role in mental health. MyCompanion sounds like just the thing we need. Eagerly waiting!"

Senior Woman

Morgan H.

"A conversational AI companion that understands and helps with CPTSD? Sign me up! So ready for MyCompanion. This could be the start of a new chapter in digital therapy."

Male Customer Photo

Riley K.

"Heard about the MyCompanion app from a friend and I'm already excited. As someone healing from CPTSD, having a digital buddy could be so transformative. Counting the days till it's out!"

MyCompanion Logo

Cutting-edge research and technology as a companion in your pocket to help you on your journey toward better mental health.


Free to Use

24/7 Access

Features We Think You'll Love

YOUR Companion

A personalized AI companion tailor-made to help you along your unique healing journey.

Work Through Your Problems

MyCompanion helps you say f*ck you to PTSD and become the best version of yourself. The person YOU want to become.

Learns All About You

MyCompanion learns who you are, what you believe in, and how to best help you during your journey to better mental health and serenity.

You're Not Alone

Join the community of people like you to connect or meet with others who have had similar experiences, or give you advice.


  • Can MyCompanion be used instead of a therapist?
    Yes and no. MyCompanion is being created to accompany you during your healing journey. For many people, therapy is too expensive or isn't accessible. MyCompanion may be the only therapeutic support for some individuals. Though, if you do have a therapist, MyCompanion will help above and beyond, but of course, not replace human to human connection!
  • How does MyCompanion work?
    MyCompanion is powered by a custom Large Language Model (LLM) trained on the latest trauma-focused therapies and methods that are proven to help heal Complex PTSD, like Internal Family Systems (IFS). We will use a breakthrough AI training method called Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF) to fine-tune the AI by using a group of hand-picked therapists, psychologists, doctors, and neuroscientists to ensure it's safe, effective, and unbiased.
  • How do I use MyCompanion?
    It's simple. You message MyCompanion about what you’re going through, it will listen and reply, validating you with no judgment, and give you advice so you're not alone and getting the help you need.
  • When will MyCompanion be released?
    Our goal is to release MyCompanion by the end of 2024. By joining the waitlist, you will get early access to our Beta Program to test MyCompanion and help develop it further.
  • How much does will MyCompanion cost?
    MyCompanion is free. Though, we have implemented a Pay-What-You-Want Model for those who would like to Pay It Forward. Those who Pay It Forward will be helping people who can't afford MyCompanion get access to life saving mental health services and support.
  • What is the science behind MyCompanion?
    MyCompanion will be trained on the lastest research in Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience, Psychoneuroimmunology, Cognitive Psychology, and more. It will also be trained on the lastest bottom up, trauma-informed therapeutic methodologies like Internal Family Systems, Somatic Experiencing, Compassionate Inquiry, Trauma Yoga, EMDR, and also traditional therapy methods like CBT, DBT, NLP, ACT, and more as we continue to develop MyCompanion to fit the needs of our users.
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